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Food Hacks – The Perfect Way to Cut an Orange for Toddlers

Many foods pose choking hazards for our little ones, even when you least expect it. Sometimes certain foods can also be difficult for toddlers to fully enjoy as we do as adult—for example, when eating sliced oranges. My daughter is very independent these days, insisting on biting foods whole rather than having pieces cut for her. With this in mind, plus in an effort to minimize waste, I’ve engineered a pretty successful method of cutting oranges for my little girl to enjoy. Hope this works for you as well!
Oranges are a healthy snack chock-full of Vitamin C and other nutrients. They are a great choice for a child’s balanced diet, but they can be a bit messy and let’s be honest, don’t you hate all the fruit that goes to waste when your little one asks for orange wedges for a snack?

Oranges tend to spray juice everywhere, making our kids sticky up to their elbows! What once was a pretty, colorful wedge soon becomes a piece of fruit that got more squished than it did eaten. We’re all far too familiar with this result when feeding our kids orange slices:

smushed oranges

Instead, give them oranges cut just right so that they can enjoy every bite!

Here’s a quick video to give you the basics on my effective orange cutting technique:

As a short summary in case you prefer text-based instructions, follow these steps to cut oranges so that your little ones get the most out of the fruit as well as the experience in feeding themselves.

  1. Cut an orange into wedges as you would for yourself.
  2. Using a steak knife or other sharp knife, cut between the rind and the fruit at both points of the wedge, exposing the orange flesh a little better.
  3. Use the knife to trace around and gently free the fruit along the long edges of the orange slice.
  4. From the top of the slice, cut down into the fruit to make little bite-sized pieces that are still attached.
  5. If your orange wedges are too thick, you can also cut straight down the middle to create smaller pieces of orange that your toddler can bite off of the rind.

When you use my special orange slicing technique to cut easy bites for your toddler, your result should look something like this:

orange slices toddlers

Sliced oranges are a wonderfully healthy snack for your little ones to enjoy at home or at school. You can even pack up orange slices for a picnic!

If your kid is anything like mine, you will probably be rushing to finish up cutting each slice as she is handing you back the peels, fully devoured except for the rind.

slicing oranges for toddlers

We’ve found this toddler food cutting technique to be very helpful in our home and hope it helps you and your kids as well. If you have any helpful tips and food hacks for parents of toddlers, please send them our way or share them in the comments below!

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