Toddler Recommended Products

Getting a toddler to eat and drink well can be quite the challenge. I’ve found these products to be especially helpful in our adventures in toddler meal time.


Independent snacking gives your little one a sense of pride and accomplishment. Having a snack cup at the ready also makes your life easier at the grocery store, in the car, and just about anywhere food is permitted.

Here are my favorite snack cups for toddlers—including a totally spill-proof toddler snack cup!

Munchkin Snack Catchers

We received these fun snack cups from my mother-in-law and I love them.

Here’s why:

– They’re simple to clean.
– They fit countless kinds of snacks
– They are easy for toddlers to hold.

As far as any downsides, while it probably only happened once or twice, it’s also possible for toddlers to tear off the lid, unexpectedly launching a Cheerio rainstorm. You have been warned!

Totally Spill-Proof Munchie Mug

After said super spill, we still loved our snack catcher, but I promptly sought the most spill-proof toddler snack cup I could find. I gladly handed over my cash for the Munchie Mug and it was worth every cent.

Here’s why I love it:

– The lid screws on so toddlers can’t tear them off
– The opening is lined with cloth, keeping snacks safely stowed until little hands reach inside.
– There’s a bonus reason I figured out, and if you like gelato, you’re going to love it. Check out my full spill-proof snack cup review here for the bonus tip!



Get a little creative as you inspire your child to eat more, and keep him or her clean in the process.

Compartment Plates

Kids’ plates with multiple compartments have changed my life. I’m not kidding. My daughter eats more and happily. I think she feels like she has more control over mealtime and I’m okay with that. Here are some really cool compartment plates to try:

Bumkins Waterproof Junior Bib

Once my little girl figured out how to remove her bib, she did it all the time and her outfits got messier and messier. In a frantic search for something to help keep her clean at mealtime, I finally found this awesome toddler bib that goes on kind of like a smock. With built-in sleeves and a Velcro closure, it’s a win-win!



For us, it doesn’t get any better than CamelBak Eddy bottles. Our favorite print was out of production but seems to be back! And here are a few new favorites, as well.

Best of all, did you know you can swap out the straw components (blue or pink) once they take a turn for the worse? Just make sure you purchase the right style of bite valve for your child’s water bottle.

Disclaimer: With the exception of the exact styles of kids’ plates, our daughter has tried, tested, and approved all of these toddler eating and drinking must-haves. We have purchased them with our own money and the opinions shared here are our own. We do receive a very small affiliate commission should you choose to buy one of these items for your child. Since this site wouldn’t exist without our kids, any commission earnings will be saved away for their college education. Thank you!

We hope you love these products! If you try them, please be sure to let us know. We’s also love to hear about your own personal favorite toddler must-haves!

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