Toddler Must-Haves – Spill-Proof Snack Cup

It’s fun when your kid first learns the joys of snacking. Goldfish crackers, Cocoa Puffs, raisins, even homemade toddler trail mix. The part that’s not so fun is when your little one has an outburst of some sort and throws her snack cup or when her ingenuity leads her to figure out exactly how the lid comes off…and exactly how much fun it is to dump out the contents. Times like these leave us grasping for better snacking containers that won’t leave our cars and our homes as the prime battlegrounds. A friend and I had a fantastic idea for a snack cup that wouldn’t leave us open to toddler tantrums and curious exploration. To our surprise (and slight disappointment!), such a spill-proof snack cup already exists….


Our idea was a snack cup that had a screw-on lid to keep little hands from ripping off the top and dumping out all the snacks onto the ground. We as moms did not feel the need to see what confetti of Froot Loops looks like in our cars’ interiors. Besides a screw-top lid, we also needed to ensure small hands could get into and out of the cup. We envisioned a top much like the Munchkin Snack Catcher, with the triangular flaps to allow hands to get in and out of the snack cup. (We loved our Snack Catcher, but Natalie mastered taking off the lid long before her first birthday!)

munchie-mug-snack-cupWhen I searched on Amazon to see if a snack cup already made it to the market, since I needed such a product as soon as possible, I was happy to find The Munchie Mug. This spill-proof snack cup has a screw-on lid and a fabric opening/closure that allows your kids to easily access the snacks inside without spilling everything all over. A stay-fresh lid component is a nice bonus that can easily fit over the opening to your snack cup.

munchie-mug-snack-cup-outsideAvailable in a wide array of colors and designs, the snack cup also has an opening on the lid that is the perfect size for small hands to grasp and tote it around with them. I personally like to attach a carabineer clip so I can attach it to our jogging stroller, diaper bag, my purse, beach bag, and other accessories for easy transport. It is dishwasher safe and makes snacking at home or on the go a snap.

The Munchie Mug holds a lot of snack and we never go through it all in one sitting or one day. It is actually available in two sizes, 12 oz and 16 oz. I believe we purchased the larger size. Eco-conscious moms will especially love this snack cup, which is BPA, lead, PVC, latex and phthalate free, and proudly made in the USA.

I love this product and highly recommend it. It is suitable for babies age 10 months and up, through about 4 years of age. If we ever lost ours, I would promptly buy a new one if I couldn’t get it back. I did learn that the Talenti gelato cups you can buy at Target or various grocery stores are a perfect fit with both the top and the container of the Munchie Mug, so it is easy to replace the container or to completely close off the snack if you like.


I do think my daughter gets easily bored of whatever snacks I happen to put inside, so I am going to work on that problem next. In case you like the idea, too, I am planning to enjoy some more Talenti gelato with Natalie so I can have different snacks set up and ready to go, needing only to swap lids at a moment’s notice. Pictures on that coming soon!munchie-mug-snack-cup-lanyard


Do you have a favorite snack cup for your kid, or have you tried this one? Let us know in the comments below!