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Food Hacks – The Perfect Way to Cut an Orange for Toddlers

Many foods pose choking hazards for our little ones, even when you least expect it. Sometimes certain foods can also be difficult for toddlers to fully enjoy as we do as adult—for example, when eating sliced oranges. My daughter is very independent these days, insisting on biting foods whole rather than having pieces cut for her. With this in mind, plus in an effort to minimize waste, I’ve engineered a pretty successful method of cutting oranges for my little girl to enjoy. Hope this works for you as well!

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Natalie’s Chocolate Oatmeal Recipe

I tried for a long time to get my toddler to eat oatmeal – a healthy, nutritious, easy morning meal. She loved oatmeal cookies, but wanted nothing to do with cooked oatmeal or its unique, sticky texture. My daughter finally decided to give oatmeal a try at age three. She gave it a shot one day when I likened it to oatmeal cookies. I tend to eat my oatmeal on the hard side whereas my husband prefers a milkier oatmeal. Natalie seems to like hers somewhere in the middle. She now asks for oatmeal most mornings for breakfast and enjoys making it herself (mostly).

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