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15 Things You Can Do with Old Fruit – Using Fruit that’s Past its Prime

The bright, pretty color and the expected sweetness and delightful flavors of fruit make it easy to overbuy, especially with toddler in tow. She wants strawberries at the store, but then you get home and she only wants the apples that you already had. You picked up blueberries with the intention of making muffins, or pancakes even, but there’s just never enough time. Uneaten, old fruit just keeps piling up. Not to fret, though. Even if the fruit is a little past its prime, looking just a wee bit sadder, it’s still in many cases totally fine to bake or whip into another recipe. Here are my favorite 15 ways to use fruit that’s past its prime.

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Minnie Mouse Fruit Ideas: Creative Fruit Arrangements

My three-year-old is pretty much infatuated with Minnie Mouse, so it was only common sense to throw her a Minnie birthday this year. We didn’t get to make all of the wonderful Minnie Mouse birthday treats that I had in mind—like the Minnie Mouse fruit ideas I wanted to try—for the party, but we still plan to make them as fun snacks and desserts off and on throughout the year. It was a warm, sunny day and we were in need of a healthy snack, so Natalie and I decided to make our own Minnie Mouse fruit platter, well, more like Minnie Mouse fruit kabobs a la Edible Arrangements style.

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Rainbow Fruit Tray – A Colorful Toddler Treat

Most fruits and vegetables tend to be extremely colorful. Their colorful nature makes them attractive to young kids, which is great since they are such healthy choices for toddler meals and snacking. Creating a rainbow fruit tray with your kids is a great way to ensure your children get the right amount of healthy, juicy fruits. It is also a fun activity to try with food as St. Patrick’s Day approaches! Making a rainbow fruit design can also be a lot of fun for the whole family to enjoy. Mom or Dad can cut up the fruit and the kids, with a little help, can make the rainbow shape on a special plate. This activity is enjoyable for all ages and encourages healthier eating for your family.

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Toddler Mealtime Battle – 101 Things to Try for a Kid Who Won’t Eat

Disclaimer: These tips are provided as-is and without warranty. I am a mom of one and neither a doctor, nutritionist, nor allergist, nor do I play one on TV. Please use your best judgment in attempting these techniques in your own Toddler Mealtime Battle.

We’ve all been in the trenches at one point or another. A fussy, picky toddler refuses to eat anything on his plate. A stubborn child will only eat macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets day in and day out. Feeding time is a constant battleground no matter which way you turn. You feel like you’ve tried everything, and you likely have. You’ve at least near exhausted your resources and ideas time and again. I know, I’ve been there, too. Thankfully I think I’m finally coming out on the winning side of our toddler mealtime battle.

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Making a Valentine House with Your Toddler or Child

What to do with a gingerbread house kit leftover from Christmas that we forgot or never got around to using? I decided not to let it go to waste, so my husband and I helped our daughter make a “Valentine House” instead. Making a Valentine House is a fun craft that is especially cheap if you’ve already got the gingerbread house kit to use up anyway. We simply shopped for a few cute Valentine’s Day candies at the dollar store and got to work.

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Homemade Toddler Trail Mix

Does anyone else’s toddler get amazingly bored with her snacks after just one or two times? I’ve found plenty of healthy (and a few not-so-healthy) snack options ranging from pretzels and Goldfish crackers to edamame, raisins, Craisins, Cheerios, and other assorted tidbits. I’ve also found that filling my daughter’s snack cup with just one kind of snack often results in a lot of wasted snack that goes stale before it’s eaten. I’ve been working hard to get her to eat enough food throughout the day, so while switching up her snacks helps, it can also be a painful process to buy, store, and swap out snacks time and again. Here’s what I’m doing about it—homemade toddler trail mix! Continue reading Homemade Toddler Trail Mix

Toddler Must-Haves – Spill-Proof Snack Cup

It’s fun when your kid first learns the joys of snacking. Goldfish crackers, Cocoa Puffs, raisins, even homemade toddler trail mix. The part that’s not so fun is when your little one has an outburst of some sort and throws her snack cup or when her ingenuity leads her to figure out exactly how the lid comes off…and exactly how much fun it is to dump out the contents. Times like these leave us grasping for better snacking containers that won’t leave our cars and our homes as the prime battlegrounds. A friend and I had a fantastic idea for a snack cup that wouldn’t leave us open to toddler tantrums and curious exploration. To our surprise (and slight disappointment!), such a spill-proof snack cup already exists…. Continue reading Toddler Must-Haves – Spill-Proof Snack Cup

Under the Sea Fruit Plate – A Healthy Toddler Snack Idea

Some kids are picky and others might just like a little variety added into their daily meals and snacks. Sometimes it’s easier to get a child to eat a better meal by making things fun! I recently decided to try a lot of fun new kitchen techniques to get my toddler to eat more, and to actually enjoy it. She’s always liked fruit, so this Under the Sea Fruit Plate idea was a fast favorite.

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