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Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas

How is she four already?! But she is. And I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures and ideas from the party. This year had Natalie wavering between a “daisy birthday” and an Elsa birthday party. I tried to figure out if Daisy = the duck or the flower, and since we had a Minnie party last year, I sort of steered her in the direction of a Frozen birthday party theme.

Blue punch, snowflake cookies, blue rock candy party favors—my mind was already going a mile a minute without even clicking over to Pinterest. From Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas to games, activities, and party bags, I couldn’t wait to start planning! Shopping! Baking!
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St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

As March 17 approaches, it can be a lot of fun to make yummy St. Patrick’s Day food for your family and friends. Whether you have a St. Patty’s Day party or simply want to keep you meals and snacks festive, this is a fun time of year to try some Irish food and desserts. In case you were wondering, many St. Patrick’s Day Food ideas can be quite toddler-friendly. At least my little girl loves them! Here are some fun ideas to try at home.

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Green Leap Frog Pancakes

Frogs are a fun, playful creature and they happen to be just perfect for celebrating Leap Day, springtime, or simply anytime when someone you know loves frogs. As you may know, my little girl loves pancakes and we try to make our meals fun when we have time, so today we decided to make Leap Frog Pancakes in honor of Leap Day, today, February 29. Here’s how we did it!

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Pancake Madness! [Never] Too Many Pancakes

My three-year-old loves pancakes. She would probably eat them every day, for every meal, if I let her. I’ve contemplated trying to make up other kinds of pancakes for lunch and dinner but I just haven’t gotten that far yet. We usually cycle through the same few kinds of pancakes until some kind of inspiration strikes me and we come up with something brand new. Here are a few of my favorite kinds of pancakes to make, along with pancakes from other toddler food bloggers that I can’t wait to try!

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Rainbow Fruit Tray – A Colorful Toddler Treat

Most fruits and vegetables tend to be extremely colorful. Their colorful nature makes them attractive to young kids, which is great since they are such healthy choices for toddler meals and snacking. Creating a rainbow fruit tray with your kids is a great way to ensure your children get the right amount of healthy, juicy fruits. It is also a fun activity to try with food as St. Patrick’s Day approaches! Making a rainbow fruit design can also be a lot of fun for the whole family to enjoy. Mom or Dad can cut up the fruit and the kids, with a little help, can make the rainbow shape on a special plate. This activity is enjoyable for all ages and encourages healthier eating for your family.

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Bunny Rabbit Pancakes for Easter or Anytime

With Easter coming up, I decided to have a little fun with a new pancake shape on our frying pan this weekend. Puppy dog pancakes were such a hit with my daughter that I decided to try bunny rabbit pancakes. The bunny pancakes turned out pretty cute and would be a fun addition to your weekend breakfast routine with your kids every once in a while. (If you are new to making shaped pancakes, I caution you to practice making my puppy dog pancakes first.)

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Toddler Breakfast Ideas: Adorable Morning Meals for Your Kids

If my daughter gets in one good meal per day, it’s usually breakfast. I’m not sure if it’s the variety or just the types of food customarily served at breakfast, but she tends to do well eating at breakfast time. I find that toddler breakfast ideas come fairly naturally to me, so I decided to write a post specifically about making a creative breakfast for toddler aged children. From eggs and pancakes to fruit or cereal, hopefully you can find something here in this list of toddler breakfast ideas to entice your kiddos to enjoy the most important meal of the day!

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Tropical Food for Toddlers: Cute Meal Ideas with Fish, Dolphins, Palm Trees, and More!

Enough with this winter already! If I see one more snowflake—or ice ball—falling from the sky, I am going to scream. I’ve given up hope on wishing for warmer temps for the time being and have instead focused myself on living vicariously through memories I have of tropical vacations before starting a family. (Who has tropical vacations anymore after starting a family?) Channeling the warmer, tropical state of mind, I’ve taken to making tropical themed food ideas for my little one. Consider these suggestions for tropical food for toddlers, featuring islands, palm trees, fish, dolphins, penguins, and more.

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Toddler Mealtime Battle – 101 Things to Try for a Kid Who Won’t Eat

Disclaimer: These tips are provided as-is and without warranty. I am a mom of one and neither a doctor, nutritionist, nor allergist, nor do I play one on TV. Please use your best judgment in attempting these techniques in your own Toddler Mealtime Battle.

We’ve all been in the trenches at one point or another. A fussy, picky toddler refuses to eat anything on his plate. A stubborn child will only eat macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets day in and day out. Feeding time is a constant battleground no matter which way you turn. You feel like you’ve tried everything, and you likely have. You’ve at least near exhausted your resources and ideas time and again. I know, I’ve been there, too. Thankfully I think I’m finally coming out on the winning side of our toddler mealtime battle.

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Turkey Burger Sliders for Kids

You may be wondering where we ever came up with Mickey and Minnie Mouse turkey burger sliders. So there’s no shortage of Minnie Mouse in my home, and Mickey is a fast second favorite. My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter simply can’t get enough. Unfortunately, she rarely gets enough to eat, either, because she much prefers to run around the house, read books, play with her toys, chase the dog, look at the floor, you know, anything but eat.

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