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Fully Disposable Brown Bag Lunch Ideas for Kids

Summer’s finally here and we’ve decided to continue school sessions for our daughter since it seems to be going pretty well lately. She enjoys all the activities they do and has made a few friends. (Granted, her closest friend is not attending summer sessions, but there are others.) Recently, we decided to switch one of her days to Wednesday. We did not realize that requires us to stick to fully disposable brown bag lunch ideas. This might have been a huge mistake so we’ll see if we decide to keep going with it.

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School Lunches with Love: Fruit Salad with Hearts

Natalie’s second day of school came and went. I felt bad because this time she started crying before we even left the house, or the kitchen table for that matter. She was working on the second half of her first waffle (she always requests two) and I mentioned that we could bring the rest of her waffles with us to school in case she was still hungry. Then on came the waterworks. Continue reading School Lunches with Love: Fruit Salad with Hearts

First Day of School Lunch

Making lunch for a toddler is tricky enough when you’re at home in the same room together, able to raid the fridge, freezer, or pantry at a moment’s notice. Now make it a first day of school lunch, to be eaten away from home, in a room full of complete strangers, an hour earlier than normal lunch time. Trying to pack a lunch for the first time for my daughter’s first day of preschool was a harrowing experience. And by that, I mean I think it probably took me several hours to do, on top of a little worrying…. Continue reading First Day of School Lunch