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Heart Shaped Pizza for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Forget the surf & turf and shrimp cocktail and enjoy Valentine’s Day the easy way with a heart shaped pizza. Sometimes a relaxing night in is just what the doctor ordered. Whether you make it from scratch or order heart shaped pizza from your favorite local pizzeria, it’s sure to be a hit. A Valentine’s pizza can be the perfect meal to enjoy with your whole family. Eating heart shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean your sweetheart loves you any less than the years you go out for a five-star meal at a fancy restaurant. At times it is just nice to cut out the pressure, slow down the wild pace of life, and relax a bit with the one you love.

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4th of July Treats & Patriotic Desserts

It’s no secret that I’ll take just about any excuse to bake. A baby on the way, surprising my husband’s coworkers, a thank-you gift, a holiday…. Speaking of, when holidays boasting their own color schemes roll around, I’m in my glory. It’s a lot of fun to bake color-coded treats, but not only that. I also love going to the grocery store or the craft store to check out their selection of holiday themed sprinkles and baking decorations. With all of this in mind, I’m happy to share some of our favorite ideas for 4th of July treats and patriotic desserts.

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St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

As March 17 approaches, it can be a lot of fun to make yummy St. Patrick’s Day food for your family and friends. Whether you have a St. Patty’s Day party or simply want to keep you meals and snacks festive, this is a fun time of year to try some Irish food and desserts. In case you were wondering, many St. Patrick’s Day Food ideas can be quite toddler-friendly. At least my little girl loves them! Here are some fun ideas to try at home.

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