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Out to Eat with Kids: Survival Tips

Sometimes going out to eat with your little ones is more trouble than it’s worth. Other times, your kids can be so well behaved it makes you look like all-star parents. The latter is probably more the exception than the norm, but with a few sneaky tricks, you can enjoy more meals out at restaurants without catching all the dirty looks for having a screaming child.

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Surviving Restaurant Meals with a Toddler

I think lots of parents would agree that a good babysitter can be worth every penny when it comes to trying to enjoy a nice night out to dinner. Especially parents of toddlers, most especially parents of toddlers like mine… she won’t sit still, she tires easily of the crayons and coloring pages restaurants sometimes provide. Still, it just isn’t feasible to hire a babysitter every single time you want to go out to eat—especially if it’s a family meal with her cousins or a special breakfast you want to share together. So, as parents of toddlers, how do we survive a meal in a restaurant? Continue reading Surviving Restaurant Meals with a Toddler

First Day of School Lunch

Making lunch for a toddler is tricky enough when you’re at home in the same room together, able to raid the fridge, freezer, or pantry at a moment’s notice. Now make it a first day of school lunch, to be eaten away from home, in a room full of complete strangers, an hour earlier than normal lunch time. Trying to pack a lunch for the first time for my daughter’s first day of preschool was a harrowing experience. And by that, I mean I think it probably took me several hours to do, on top of a little worrying…. Continue reading First Day of School Lunch

Toddler Must-Haves – Spill-Proof Snack Cup

It’s fun when your kid first learns the joys of snacking. Goldfish crackers, Cocoa Puffs, raisins, even homemade toddler trail mix. The part that’s not so fun is when your little one has an outburst of some sort and throws her snack cup or when her ingenuity leads her to figure out exactly how the lid comes off…and exactly how much fun it is to dump out the contents. Times like these leave us grasping for better snacking containers that won’t leave our cars and our homes as the prime battlegrounds. A friend and I had a fantastic idea for a snack cup that wouldn’t leave us open to toddler tantrums and curious exploration. To our surprise (and slight disappointment!), such a spill-proof snack cup already exists…. Continue reading Toddler Must-Haves – Spill-Proof Snack Cup