st. patrick's day food

St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

As March 17 approaches, it can be a lot of fun to make yummy St. Patrick’s Day food for your family and friends. Whether you have a St. Patty’s Day party or simply want to keep you meals and snacks festive, this is a fun time of year to try some Irish food and desserts. In case you were wondering, many St. Patrick’s Day Food ideas can be quite toddler-friendly. At least my little girl loves them! Here are some fun ideas to try at home.

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day Food, you undoubtedly think of corned beef and cabbage, fish and chips, and Shepherd’s pie. These can be absolutely delicious no matter what your age, and even children will enjoy them, most of the time, and sometimes with a few slight modifications. It’s a lot of fun and often interesting for them when we change our meal plan just a bit for different holidays and special occasions.

If you are planning to head over to a party and need to bring a covered dish or an Irish-themed dessert, we hope our St. Patrick’s Day food ideas will give you a little inspiration. Here goes…

st. patrick's day food

St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

My favorite kind of St. Patrick’s Day breakfast is the day-after breakfast. What else are you going to do with all that leftover corned beef?! (Unless of course your household is like ours and “leftover corned beef” is a foreign concept. We usually make two corned beefs *just so* we can have leftovers!)


Here are my favorite breakfast ideas for this time of year:

  • Fried Eggs with a Side of Corned Beef
  • Homemade Corned Beef Hash
    • Method 1 – Simply thaw a frozen hashbrown and separate into flakes of potato. Mix with bits of corned beef and form into a patty that you fry up in butter, oil, or bacon grease.
    • Method 2 – Simply mash up a few boiled potatoes left over from the big corned beef dinner. Mash together with bits of corned beef, form in to patties, and fry.
  • Green Eggs and Ham – Because, why not? Simply add a little food coloring to your scrambled eggs and enjoy a green morning feast that would make Dr. Seuss himself proud.
  • Shamrock pancakes – This is part of my plan for later this week and I will post pictures if successful.
  • Corned Beef Breakfast Sandwich – Just add a slab to a bagel, croissant, or biscuit with a fried egg and some cheese, yum!

St. Patrick’s Day Entrees

Corned beef is always our go-to Irish meal when St. Patty’s Day approaches. My three-year-old calls it “pink steak” and that works for us. She will eat it warm or cold several times a week. She’s also a fan of breaded fish, so sometimes we will do fish and chips or homemade fried flounder, cod, or even fish sticks if we are short on time.

I have yet to make Shepherd’s pie but that is mainly out of laziness and knowing my child won’t come within three feet of mashed potatoes. Oh well. We are always open to other ideas, so please share in our comments if you have a good Irish meal we should be trying.

St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

And now onto my favorite category—Irish desserts! Bring some color to your table with a rainbow fruit platter or delightful rainbow fruit skewers. My good friend Jessica Schultz made the skewers for a recent St. Pat’s party and I made the rainbow platter with Natalie last year. The beauty of a rainbow fruit dessert is that fruit tends to be extremely colorful, giving you plenty of options for flavor and design.


Shamrock cookies are hard to beat when it comes to St. Patty’s Day desserts. I made these large shamrocks from a classic candy cane cookie recipe and they are almost all gone and it isn’t even St. Patrick’s Day yet. The circular cookies with the shamrocks inside are meant to mimic Pillsbury’s holiday cookies in the refrigerated dough packs. I actually made them as a three-dimensional tube of dough and then sliced it to create the design inside the cookie effect. (Stay tuned for the recipe! My husband said I nailed it. 🙂


Lucky Charms marshmallow treats are another fun dessert to consider as you plan your menu of St. Patrick’s Day food. I’ve made Rice Krispie treats and Froot Loop marshmallow treats before, but this was a new one. I assume they are similar to make and better yet if you can turn them green. These treats were delicious and on-point for their festive flair at the St. Patty’s Day party dessert table.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for St. Patrick’s Day food. Please share any others in our comments below.



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