Shaped Food for Kids: Fried Egg Flowers, Pancake Hearts, Bears and More…

Cooking for kids can be a lot of fun, especially when you have cool kitchen gadgets to make the process a little more creative. I have found that my daughter really enjoys eggs—fried, scrambled, hardboiled, on sandwiches, just on her plate, in a cup—she’s a big fan. I’ve tried to keep mealtimes interesting and exciting for her so that she is more inclined to eat appropriate amounts of food. (She’s only in the fifth percentile for her age, so the pediatrician wants us to keep getting her to eat more and higher fatty content foods.)

I’ve found some fun kitchen gadgets to make my life a bit easier when it comes to cooking for my toddler. I really enjoy using the pancake and egg molds as well as cookie cutters to keep the process and the meals fun and exciting.

Some of my favorite finds for cooking accessories useful in preparing toddler meals include:

Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake & Egg Rings – Hearts are fun any time of year, but I find them especially useful when Valentine’s Day rolls around. We’ve used our heart molds with both eggs and pancake batter, and we have a ton of heart cookie cutters as well.

heart-eggs-corned-beef-hashNorpro Nonstick Star and Flower Pancake & Egg Rings – Flower eggs and pancakes are just as much fun as hearts, and we use the flower all the time as well. Our set (purchased elsewhere) did not come with a star mold, although I wish it did, since my daughter is very into outer space from one of her favorite books, Shape Up, Pup!

Disney’s Mickey Mouse Egg Ring – We do our Mickey Mouse pancakes freehand, but this would be an essential for beginners and true Disney fans!

Funny Side Up Owl Shaped Egg Mold Novelty Egg Ring – Owls seem to be all the rage for the past few years, so we are thinking about adding this one to our collection. Decided to share it with all of you as well, since it’s super cute in using the yolks for eyes.

Norpro Nonstick Bear Pancake & Egg Rings – I couldn’t find the bear we have — I think it came with our flower mold, but these are a cute addition to any breakfast table spread!

Silikomart Pratika Collection Fish and Butterfly Egg & Pancake Mold Shape Set – I’ve got my eyes on these for my Christmas list this year! The fish and butterfly molds for eggs and pancakes are just too cute and I’m fairly sure we’d use them a lot, unless my daughter insists on her dog pancakes all the time.

Williams Sonoma Halloween Pancake Egg Molds – Another one on my Gotta-Have-It list – I can’t wait to add this to our kitchen collection of fun cooking and baking accessories for kids’ meals. This set comes with a pumpkin, a ghost, and a bat.

Just one more favorite kitchen tool that I wanted to share with you — the Flower Power Cutter Set. This is a set of three stainless steel cutters useful in cutting through fruit, vegetables and other food products to make adorable snacks and meals fit for toddlers and kids of all ages. I’ll be doing a more thorough review on this product later, but I wanted to put it on your radar now as I am very happy with the results and how my daughter’s enjoyed the food and snacks I’ve created so far.