Pancake Madness! [Never] Too Many Pancakes

My three-year-old loves pancakes. She would probably eat them every day, for every meal, if I let her. I’ve contemplated trying to make up other kinds of pancakes for lunch and dinner but I just haven’t gotten that far yet. We usually cycle through the same few kinds of pancakes until some kind of inspiration strikes me and we come up with something brand new. Here are a few of my favorite kinds of pancakes to make, along with pancakes from other toddler food bloggers that I can’t wait to try!

Original Puppy Dog Pancakes

Puppy dog pancakespile-of-dog-pancakes2 are the original pancakes I started making for my daughter when she was still sooo small. We and my husband all love dogs, so it’s only natural to try to bring their cuteness into other things we do. These puppy dog pancakes are simple to make, even if you struggle to make a round pancake. After all, different kinds of dogs with crazy ears are half the fun!

Bunny Rabbit Pancakes

easter bunny pancakesEven if it isn’t Easter right now, bunny rabbit pancakes can be an adorable addition to breakfast every so often. Use raisins or chocolate chips for eyes and smush the raisins just a bit to form the nose. Those long rabbit ears get a little tricky at times, but these pancakes sure do come out cute! Plus your kids will love a change from the traditional circle pancakes everyone’s grandma makes.




3-D Animal Pancakes

three-dimensional-animal-pancakes_smOnce you’ve mastered the puppy dog pancakes or the bunny rabbit pancakes, I urge you to move right on to the 3-D pancakes. They are surprisingly easy once you are accustomed to adding raisins or chocolate chips for facial features. Try to make pigs, cows, horses, dogs, bunnies, and other lovable animals. Your kids are sure to enjoy the chance to choose their favorite pancake to plop onto their plates!

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes

bite-rasp-chocchip-pancakesHere’s a little recipe for the mommies to enjoy. My black raspberry chocolate chip pancakes are the most fun following a trip to your favorite pick-your-own farm to pick fresh black raspberries, but you can also make them with store-bought berries, frozen berries, or even other fruits. Warning: If you’re on a low-carb meal plan, be aware of the risk. You really can’t eat just one.

Kid Pancakes at Restaurants

dog shaped pancake at caitlyn and cody's dinerI’ll be updating this list as we discover more great restaurants creating cute kid pancakes on our occasional breakfasts out to eat. My daughter pretty much always orders a chocolate chip Minnie Mouse pancake when she can, but we’ve also had the Cody pancake, an adorable dog with whipped cream designs. Stay tuned for more restaurants offering adorable kid pancakes!

[Toddler Approved] Banana Pancakes 

Banana pancakes are something I’ve considered but haven’t tried yet. My little one sometimes has trouble going #2, so we often limit her banana intake. Still, bananas are a flavor she loves, so we’ll definitely plan to try this yummy banana pancakes recipe in the near future. Shout out to Simply Made… With Love!

Silver Dollar Banana Pancakes

silver dollar banana pancakesSomething about silver dollar pancakes is just so cute! I haven’t gotten around to making them yet because I am always too busy trying to put faces on everything we fry up. I’ve heard of this recipe – or a similar one – where bananas and eggs seem to be the main ingredients in these yummy toddler pancakes. I can’t wait to try them – thanks, Healthy Food for Living!

Toddler Eats Holiday Pancakes

It may be nowhere near Christmas, or winter, much to my daughter’s disappointment. But just look at these incredible snowman pancakes! I can’t even stand how they are so cute and I didn’t know about this in December to make them for my pancake fanatic. (Also included: Santa Claus and a Christmas tree…) Cheers to Love TAZA for the adorable idea!

German Pancake (for Toddler Chefs)

german-fruit-pancakes_cropMost moms probably find, like me, that little ones love to help in the kitchen! My daughter can’t get close enough when we’re mixing something up, and even when it’s time to transfer to the stove or oven. I often have to shoo her away from the oven despite her curiosity. So it comes as no surprise that another mom finally thought up a great way to let toddlers be [almost] fully involved in the cooking process for some really incredible pancakes. Shout out to for the German pancake recipe!

Stay tuned for more great toddler pancakes on the way! I will keep updating this page as I run into new and exciting pancakes for our little ones to enjoy.



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  1. I know literally nothing about making my own flour (clearly I need your book), so I don’t even know what my choices are! I’d probably choose something with which I could make a chocolatey treat — like these pancakes!

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