minnie mouse rice krispie treats

Minnie Mouse Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

What started out as Valentine Rice Krispie Treats soon—with the help of my three-year-old—evolved into a Minnie Mouse themed Rice Krispie treat recipe. These treats were so simple—we didn’t even dirty a big soup pot to make them. Instead, we just melted our butter and marshmallows in a Pyrex pan in the microwave and voila, we simply had to mix the sticky mixture together with the cereal. Rice Krispie treats are a classic dessert and childhood baking activity. Making these Minnie Mouse treats was fun and memorable with my little girl. She was so excited to make Minnie treats as well as heart-shaped treats.

According to our own recipe, melting marshmallows for Rice Krispie treats has never been easier. We simply put the marshmallows and butter in a Pyrex and let the microwave do the hard part. Then Natalie had a blast mixing up the sticky goop until it was smooth and ready for the Rice Krispies cereal. And for the record, microwave Rice Krispie treats taste just as good as the standard ones!

No matter how you like to melt your marshmallows, these treats are sure to please little sweeties. Plus they are really fun to make together. Enjoy!

Minnie Mouse Rice Krispie Treat Recipe


Minnie Mouse & Heart-Shaped Rice Krispie Treats Bars

Here is our own Rice Krispie treat recipe for Minnie Mouse and heart-shaped goodies.


20 (large) Red Velvet Flavored Marshmallows

2 Tbsp Butter

4.5 cups of Rice Krispies Cereal

Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, and Decorations, to taste

Wax Paper

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter


Minnie Mouse Rice Krispie Treat Steps

  1. Place the marshmallows and sliced butter into a microwave safe glass baking pan.
  2. Melt the marshmallows and butter together, cooking on high for 1 minute at a time.marshmallow treats
  3. Stir after each minute and return to the microwave until mixture is smooth.NatalieMixing-rct_122800sm
  4. Once smooth, mix in the cereal and any special decorations you want to be all throughout the treats.
  5. Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the marshmallow treats and press down to get a smooth surface. Remove wax paper when done.
  6. Sprinkle decorations and chocolate chips on top to your heart’s content.rice krispie treats recipe
  7. Using a sturdy Minnie or Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter, press down to cut all the way through the treats.

    Minnie Mouse marshmallow treats

  8. Remove the shaped treat and continue until all the marshmallow treat “dough” has been formed into treats.
  9. If necessary, press together any odd pieces and reshape with the wax paper. Use the cookie cutter until not enough treat dough remains.

minnie mouse rice krispie treats

I tried to make this Rice Krispie treat recipe as kid-friendly as possible, specifically for toddlers to enjoy. My daughter loved making the hearts and Minnie Mouse heads. We used tiny heart decorations in our Rice Krispie treat recipe as a fun Valentine’s Day or Minnie Mouse twist. This recipe with Rice Krispies, marshmallows, butter, and decorative items came out really quickly and quite tasty. I can’t say the red velvet marshmallows were all that impressive – they didn’t taste a whole lot different than regular marshmallows – but it was certainly fun to try something new!

If you’re making these to surprise your little ones, you can serve them up on brand new plates featuring their favorite friends…

We hope you enjoyed our Minnie Mouse Rice Krispie treat recipe. Feel free to share your own creations on our Facebook page!



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    1. Hi Amber! It depends on your cutter and the skills of your helper. 🙂 I wasn’t super strict and we had a big cutter, so we got about 4-5 Mickey treats plus some smaller hearts and a bunch of “scraps”. I was going for variety but these would be fun for a party. Did you end up making them?

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