Homemade Minnie Mouse and Minnie’s Bows Lunch for Kids (Mickey, Too!)

My daughter loves Minnie Mouse so much. In fact, for her first day of school picture, we made up a chalkboard with some of her favorite things and what she wants to be when she grows up. You guessed it—she wants to be Minnie! Not only that, but Natalie also wants to be Minnie for Halloween and she tells “Minnie” more things on her play phone than she tells me or her daddy when we try to talk to her about her day or about school. Minnie for the win! So in honor of her favorite character—okay, okay, and in a creatively selfish attempt to get her to eat more food—I created a Minnie Mouse lunch that you, too, can easily create for your little ones. (If you have boys, keep reading still—just a small adjustment will create Mickey Mouse instead!)

Here’s Natalie on the first day of school. Her favorite color is yellow, her favorite food is pears, and she wants to be Minnie Mouse when she grows up. Next you will see Nattie all decked out with her Minnie Mouse cup and her pink dress and bows, digging into her Minnie Mouse lunch that I made for her. By some stroke of luck, our paper plates also happen to match the color scheme – sweet! Oh, and there’s Lucky, too. Probably her very most favorite thing in the whole world, except for maybe her mommy and daddy.

I’m so excited that I was able to make her a Minnie Mouse lunch — I’ll show you exactly how to do it.



For this dish, we had the following leftovers and ingredients in our fridge and pantry already:

Minnie Mouse Meal Ingredients:

Pillsbury Grands Biscuit

1 Raspberry

2 Blueberries

1 Strawberry, cut into a strip just a bit to make a smile

Leftover hamburger

Wacky Mac Veggie Bows Pasta (Farfalle)

If you can substitute or tweak to your toddler’s delight, go for it! (and please share your modifications here to help others as well!)






Instructions to Make Minnie Mouse:

  1. Cook the bow-tie pasta according to its instructions.
  2. Drain pasta, add butter, and allow it to cool.
  3. Use a circle cookie cutter to make the Grands biscuit smaller and perfectly round if desired. (I knew my toddler would notice if I did.)
  4. Place circle biscuit onto child’s plate.
  5. Use a smaller circle cookie cutter or a steak knife to carve two circle ears out of the hamburger.
  6. Pull apart the layers of the Grands biscuit in one place on either side where the ears should go and gently tuck the ears into the biscuit.
  7. Make small indentations where you want the eyes to go and gently place the blueberries into or on top of the indentations.
  8. Place a raspberry where the nose should go.
  9. Use a steak knife to carve a smile out of a fresh strawberry.
  10. Add the smile where it should go.
  11. Pour some pasta onto the plate next to the Minnie face.
  12. Place one bow on the top of Minnie’s head between the two ears.
    • For Mickey Mouse, just skip step 12 and call the bows Mickey’s Bow Ties instead of Minnie’s Bows!


Now the next step is to get the Minnie Mouse Halloween costume and come up with more ways to incorporate Minnie into meals. We had a Minnie Mouse pancake this weekend from the local breakfast restaurant we love, Hickory Park Restaurant. If you have suggestions for more ways to make Minnie food, please share them in our comments below!



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