Gotta Have It: Hotdog Slicer Dog, a Fun Summer Accessory

My daughter loves dogs more than any other animal. I’m sure I probably partially inspired it by getting her mostly dog stuffed animals, beginning from the time before she was even born, plus the fact that we have a truly wonderful canine companion. And, as you know by now, Natalie is a fairly picky eater. She does enjoy hotdogs but sometimes only eats a few small pieces. I am excited that I’ve found a pretty successful way to get her to eat her entire hotdog, and sometimes even asking for seconds!

Enter the Evriholder HDH Hot Dog Slicer. I was shopping at CVS at the tail end of the spring season, just when they started putting out all the fun-in-the-sun pool and picnic items. I saw the doggie hotdog slicer and immediately put it in my basket, barely looking for a price tag. I faintly remember having a choice of blue or green base, and selected blue since that is my daughter’s favorite color at the moment. Normally I would have picked green since it would have looked like the doggie was standing on grass. Really, either choice is a great option. Looking back, I kind of wish I had picked up one of each….


Even as the summer comes to a close, this little doggie hotdog slicer is a huge hit in our home. Lately we haven’t gotten much use of the dog dish feature, but it’s actually cleaner and easier that way so I don’t mind.

doggie-hotdog-slicerI was excited to show my husband this fun new toddler-friendly food gadget and he seemed pretty intrigued and couldn’t wait to try it out with our daughter. He grilled up some burgers and hotdogs and then proceeded to try out the Dachshund Shaped Hot Dog Cutter: Kids Food Slicing Device.



Here’s my honest review:

I like it and I actually looked for more of these at CVS that I could buy and leave at our parents’ homes. I think it would be a fun gadget for all of the grandkids to enjoy.


  • Adorable
  • Toddler loves it
  • Husband loves it
  • Toddler eats more
  • Cute ketchup cup (doggie dish)
  • No sharp edges – all plastic materials
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fun for all ages


  • Sometimes it’s a little tricky to line up the grids so it slices through, but not a big deal.
  • The doggie dish is a little close to the dog’s mouth so it can be tricky to dip. Easily fixed by taking the doggie off of the base and allowing your child to use both pieces separately.


Since CVS had none left, I did find them for sale on Amazon, and if you purchase through my link, I’ll disclose that I would receive a small commission. Like I said, I bought mine at CVS, but I am considering getting more for other family members. I am really glad I found this fun summer gadget that we’ll probably end up using all year long for our little one’s hotdogs.