easter bunny pancakes

Bunny Rabbit Pancakes for Easter or Anytime

With Easter coming up, I decided to have a little fun with a new pancake shape on our frying pan this weekend. Puppy dog pancakes were such a hit with my daughter that I decided to try bunny rabbit pancakes. The bunny pancakes turned out pretty cute and would be a fun addition to your weekend breakfast routine with your kids every once in a while. (If you are new to making shaped pancakes, I caution you to practice making my puppy dog pancakes first.)

Bunny rabbit pancakes will be an essential breakfast treat as Easter rolls around this year. They look cute and they taste just as good as pancakes usually do. Because they are cuter, they can be more fun for your kids to eat. They may even want to name their pancakes after their stuffed animals or decorate them as if it’s their own personal Easter bunny.

First a quick warning: Bunny rabbit pancakes seem a little trickier to make at times because if you don’t flip them just right, the ears break off and you have a poor, would-be lop-eared rabbit who is really a bunny amputee. (Shh! Don’t let your kids know.) You can fix this by placing the broken rabbit pancakes on the bottom of the serving plate and set the ear next to where it should actually go. You can also fix this by cutting a bow out of a strawberry or other fruit and making it a girl bunny on your kids’ plates. Now nobody minds it’s a broken bunny.

easter bunny pancakes

Follow these easy steps to create your own Easter bunny pancakes or bunny rabbit pancakes quickly and easily in your own kitchen.

Ingredients for Easter Bunny Pancakes:

Pancake Mix and required ingredients (or your typical recipe)

Raisins or chocolate chips for eyes

Cooking spray or butter for the pan

Instructions for Making Easter Bunny Pancakes:

  1. Bring the frying pan or griddle up to temperature.
  2. Spray with cooking spray or melt butter accordingly.
  3. Mix up the pancake batter.
  4. Pour a small to medium circle pancake on the pan.
  5. Using a spoon, create two bunny ears going upward.
  6. Drop raisins or chocolate chips in for the eyes.
  7. Add a raisin or chocolate chip for the nose.
  8. Watch for the pancake to bubble or firm around the edges.
  9. Flip over the rabbit pancakes when ready, usually 1 minute after pouring.
  10. Allow to cook until done, probably another minute.
  11. Remove done pancakes from the pan and continue the process until all the pancake mix has turned into bunny rabbit pancakes.

Use caution when flipping the pancakes and when transferring them to your family’s plates. Allow your kids to further decorate the Easter bunny pancakes if you like. It would also be nice to have a fruit platter or some eggs on the side. If you fry up eggs, use the same program as our Care Bear breakfast and just make flowers and other cute designs to match the Easter motif!

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