St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

As March 17 approaches, it can be a lot of fun to make yummy St. Patrick’s Day food for your family and friends. Whether you have a St. Patty’s Day party or simply want to keep you meals and snacks festive, this is a fun time of year to try some Irish food and desserts. In case you were wondering, many St. Patrick’s Day Food ideas can be quite toddler-friendly. At least my little girl loves them! Here are some fun ideas to try at home.

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Food Hacks – The Perfect Way to Cut an Orange for Toddlers

Many foods pose choking hazards for our little ones, even when you least expect it. Sometimes certain foods can also be difficult for toddlers to fully enjoy as we do as adult—for example, when eating sliced oranges. My daughter is very independent these days, insisting on biting foods whole rather than having pieces cut for her. With this in mind, plus in an effort to minimize waste, I’ve engineered a pretty successful method of cutting oranges for my little girl to enjoy. Hope this works for you as well!

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Instant Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a Chipwich, and it’s certainly no secret that my toddler is practically my mini-me when it comes to food preferences among other things. At such a young age, she’s already discovered that if a dessert doesn’t have chocolate in it, it’s most likely not worth it. (I have no idea where she got this idea! 🙂 Disclaimer: I actually do love a lot of other desserts, particularly apple or cinnamon or cookie based!) We often have dessert in our home, as I am someone who feels the need for even just a taste of something sweet after a meal. (This is a thing, right?) Our latest favorite quick, easy, and delicious treat is the instant ice cream sandwich.

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