Pancake Madness! [Never] Too Many Pancakes

My three-year-old loves pancakes. She would probably eat them every day, for every meal, if I let her. I’ve contemplated trying to make up other kinds of pancakes for lunch and dinner but I just haven’t gotten that far yet. We usually cycle through the same few kinds of pancakes until some kind of inspiration strikes me and we come up with something brand new. Here are a few of my favorite kinds of pancakes to make, along with pancakes from other toddler food bloggers that I can’t wait to try!

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Chicken Breast Recipes for Kids

If there’s one thing my daughter will eat on a regular basis, it’s chicken. Well, chicken or fruit. But let’s stick with chicken breast recipes for now. Chicken breast recipes are great ones to try for your toddlers because they’re often meals the entire family can enjoy. Easy chicken breast recipes can turn into great family dinner ideas, which in turn become extra easy lunch ideas for the next day. I’ve recently gotten my daughter, who is almost three now, to try a variety of different chicken dishes, and even turkey. It’s no longer just “chicken and fries, AGAIN” as she likes to say.

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Minnie Mouse Fruit Ideas: Creative Fruit Arrangements

My three-year-old is pretty much infatuated with Minnie Mouse, so it was only common sense to throw her a Minnie birthday this year. We didn’t get to make all of the wonderful Minnie Mouse birthday treats that I had in mind—like the Minnie Mouse fruit ideas I wanted to try—for the party, but we still plan to make them as fun snacks and desserts off and on throughout the year. It was a warm, sunny day and we were in need of a healthy snack, so Natalie and I decided to make our own Minnie Mouse fruit platter, well, more like Minnie Mouse fruit kabobs a la Edible Arrangements style.

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