Homemade Minnie Mouse and Minnie’s Bows Lunch for Kids (Mickey, Too!)

My daughter loves Minnie Mouse so much. In fact, for her first day of school picture, we made up a chalkboard with some of her favorite things and what she wants to be when she grows up. You guessed it—she wants to be Minnie! Not only that, but Natalie also wants to be Minnie for Halloween and she tells “Minnie” more things on her play phone than she tells me or her daddy when we try to talk to her about her day or about school. Minnie for the win! So in honor of her favorite character—okay, okay, and in a creatively selfish attempt to get her to eat more food—I created a Minnie Mouse lunch that you, too, can easily create for your little ones. (If you have boys, keep reading still—just a small adjustment will create Mickey Mouse instead!) Continue reading Homemade Minnie Mouse and Minnie’s Bows Lunch for Kids (Mickey, Too!)

Toddler Meal Ideas: A New Take on Old Favorites

You know it as well as I do… If you’ve had the same leftovers day in, day out for the past three or four days, you’re going to be sick of whatever it is for a while. Toddlers get bored with food just like adults do, maybe even more so. Sometimes the preparation or the recipe can even be different, but if it’s still chicken, or pasta, or a sandwich, we can all easily get tired of the same kind of food over and over again. Continue reading Toddler Meal Ideas: A New Take on Old Favorites

Homemade Toddler Trail Mix

Does anyone else’s toddler get amazingly bored with her snacks after just one or two times? I’ve found plenty of healthy (and a few not-so-healthy) snack options ranging from pretzels and Goldfish crackers to edamame, raisins, Craisins, Cheerios, and other assorted tidbits. I’ve also found that filling my daughter’s snack cup with just one kind of snack often results in a lot of wasted snack that goes stale before it’s eaten. I’ve been working hard to get her to eat enough food throughout the day, so while switching up her snacks helps, it can also be a painful process to buy, store, and swap out snacks time and again. Here’s what I’m doing about it—homemade toddler trail mix! Continue reading Homemade Toddler Trail Mix

School Lunches with Love: Fruit Salad with Hearts

Natalie’s second day of school came and went. I felt bad because this time she started crying before we even left the house, or the kitchen table for that matter. She was working on the second half of her first waffle (she always requests two) and I mentioned that we could bring the rest of her waffles with us to school in case she was still hungry. Then on came the waterworks. Continue reading School Lunches with Love: Fruit Salad with Hearts

Surviving Restaurant Meals with a Toddler

I think lots of parents would agree that a good babysitter can be worth every penny when it comes to trying to enjoy a nice night out to dinner. Especially parents of toddlers, most especially parents of toddlers like mine… she won’t sit still, she tires easily of the crayons and coloring pages restaurants sometimes provide. Still, it just isn’t feasible to hire a babysitter every single time you want to go out to eat—especially if it’s a family meal with her cousins or a special breakfast you want to share together. So, as parents of toddlers, how do we survive a meal in a restaurant? Continue reading Surviving Restaurant Meals with a Toddler

First Day of School Lunch

Making lunch for a toddler is tricky enough when you’re at home in the same room together, able to raid the fridge, freezer, or pantry at a moment’s notice. Now make it a first day of school lunch, to be eaten away from home, in a room full of complete strangers, an hour earlier than normal lunch time. Trying to pack a lunch for the first time for my daughter’s first day of preschool was a harrowing experience. And by that, I mean I think it probably took me several hours to do, on top of a little worrying…. Continue reading First Day of School Lunch

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes… Maybe Not Healthy, But Soooo Good!

Having a toddler is a lot of fun! You basically get to be a kid all over again, doing fun things and playing with the stuff you loved as a kid and buying the toys for your own kid that you never got as a child. One of the fun summer activities I decided to try with my daughter held a close plate to my tummy, or place in my heart, something like that. We picked black raspberries on a sweltering hot day in July this summer and came home with an entire bucket for eating, baking, and freezing. Black raspberry chocolate chip pancakes became the highlight of our recent cooking endeavors! Continue reading Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes… Maybe Not Healthy, But Soooo Good!

Eating on the Run, Literally (A New Feeding Tip for Parents of Too-Small Toddlers)

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, or if my little one is just making it easy on me sometimes, but I’ve noticed lately that our daughter eats considerably more when she is distracted. Logic makes me think it would be the other way around – distracted so not focusing on food or drink. Distracted playing with or watching or doing other things, leaving the plate or bowl untouched. Actually, with Natalie, it’s often not so. In fact, giving her breakfast on the run in the morning in her BOB stroller actually results in her eating more food than if we spent the same amount of time sitting at the kitchen table. (Yeah right, like we would even last that long in the kitchen!) I’m not sure what a behaviorist or other doctor would say about this, but since my child is in the very small end of the spectrum for weight and our pediatrician wants to fatten her up a bit, I’m all for doing what works. Wouldn’t you do the same? Continue reading Eating on the Run, Literally (A New Feeding Tip for Parents of Too-Small Toddlers)